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Although considerably easier for people over the age of 50 to be approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), those who work with an experienced Los Angeles elderly disability attorney is more likely to secure more of the benefits that they are entitled to.

The SSA realizes that it is more difficult for people over the age of 50 to return to full time work after an injury. Not only can full time work be more demanding on a person’s body over the age of 50, so too is it more difficult for people over age 50 to find full time employment in their fields – particularly if they were employed in physically demanding trades.

If they are between the age of 50 and 54, they may qualify for SSD benefits if they are told by a doctor that they are limited to sedentary work, which is generally considered work that can be completed while sitting down and that requires lifting no more than 10 pounds. For those age 55+, the standards become even more relaxed, and it is easier to be awarded benefits.


Many think of a “disabling condition” as a condition that prevents a person from lifting a certain amount of weight or being able to stand in the same spot for a length of time. However, many disabled persons retain their basic physical strength. They simply are not able to use it for a duration of eight hours a day or even make it to a job five days a week. Others deal with episodic illnesses; they might be fully functional for a few days or weeks at a time, but they also suffer frequent flare-ups and relapses that can completely debilitate them for days. Some disabled persons can hold down some part-time jobs but would never be able to work a forty-hour week.

The Social Security Administration will analyze and review every claim that it receives to determine whether the person does qualify for benefits. The criteria include capacity to work, the severity of your condition, and the type of work that you perform. For instance, the Social Security Administration will determine whether you are working and earning an income. The Administration will also consider the severity of your condition, and whether it prevents you from performing work that can earn you an income. Merely suffering a disability is insufficient. Your disability must interfere with your ability to perform work-related activities.

The Social Security Administration will also check if your condition is found in a list of disabling conditions. These conditions are typically extremely severe, and the agency will automatically assume that you are disabled if you suffer from these conditions. However, just because your condition is not included in this list does not mean that you do not qualify for benefits. The agency will apply another test to your claim. It will determine whether your condition affects your ability to perform the work that you were performing before. If you are not able to perform the work that you were performing before, the agency will determine if you are able to perform any other kind of work.

For help filing a claim, schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer.


If you reside in the state of California and are over age 50, and believe you are eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD), there are some things you should know. First, if you don’t qualify for SSD you still could qualify for SSDI. Individuals that don’t have enough work credits for SSD, could still qualify for SSDI.

There are also many other services available to those over age 50 in California that you may not know about. Many of these programs are made available to promote self care to the elderly persons or adults with disabilities and to prevent undesirable institutionalization by coordinating efforts of the individual, their family or caregiver, and their primary care physician. Some of the services included with this are professional nursing services, OT and PT, mental health services, personal hygiene, meals, transportation, health promotion and disease prevention activities, nutritional counseling, and transportation.

Seniors and adults with disabilities can also qualify for routine health screening, emotional well-being, nutrition education, and physical fitness activities. Throughout the state of California, there are more than 30 agencies, through the California Department of Aging, to assist these people.

Many of these services have no income requirement but do require that the services are for someone aged 60 or older, unless they have Alzheimer’s disease or a related neurologic dysfunction. The California Department of Aging also funds programs that help with housing concerns, protective services, pensions and nursing homes.

This is why it is a good idea to get in touch with a California attorney who knows the ropes when it comes to elderly disability laws and benefits.
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If someone has a friend or family member in need of financial assistance because they are unable to work due to a disability, the person might wonder how to convince the person to apply for Social Security Disability without offending the loved one’s pride. Unfortunately, this is already a very sensitive topic, and dealing with someone who is full of pride will not make discussing the matter any easier. However, there are several arguments that can be made for why someone who may qualify for the benefit should look further into the SSD benefits system.

If a person worked in the United States at any point in time, then the person most likely paid into the Social Security Disability benefit system. This system is similar to an insurance plan that is maintained by and for the public. By collecting a little bit from every worker in the United States, anyone who pays into the system and who remained employed for a minimum amount of time is eligible to enjoy the benefits of the system should they ever develop a disability which prevents them from working.

When a person can’t work, that person can’t earn a wage. If that person can’t earn a wage, then that person can’t purchase basic goods and services. Giving people enough money to help with the essentials not only helps the person in financial need, but it also helps the businesses that SSD beneficiaries will purchase their basic goods and services from. An SSD beneficiary can make an even stronger impact by only purchasing from locally owned, small businesses in their communities.

Being unable to afford basic living essentials is something that shouldn’t happen in America. We are a nation that is supposed to care for our sick, provide for our poor, and feed our hungry. When a person is afflicted by a disability which prevents them from working for at least a year, that person, who has most likely spent years paying taxes to help sustain government operations, should not feel as if asking for disability benefits is like asking for a handout. The system is in place to help those who need it, and the only way the system can work is if those who need it take advantage of it.


Los Angeles Elderly Disability AttorneyTony Adderley and his dedicated legal staff are experienced professionals in the field of social security benefits law that have been helping elderly Americans get the benefits they deserve for several years. With him by their side, elderly SSD applicants can be sure that they will have the highest chance of being awarded all of the benefits they are entitled to.

The SSA is well known for denying benefits applications from individuals who actually qualify. This is usually due to an improperly or inadequately filled out application. Los Angeles elderly disability attorney Tony Adderley can help his clients, even if they have been denied for SSD benefits already, through every step of the application process and, if necessary, the appeal process.